Data Analytics Course In Pune


  • Central Government Certification For Data Science Program.
  • BECIL – A Govt. of India Enterprise under Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
  • Certification Valid For Private And Government Jobs Also In More Than 82 Countries.
  • Applicable As Per State Vise Government Placements.

Data Analytics course in pune

Data Analytics is the process of examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, drawing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. It involves the use of various techniques and tools to analyze and interpret data, uncover patterns, trends, and insights, and make informed business decisions.

Why You Should Choose
Data Analytics?


Computational power has been an issue. Managing how much data we have today is becoming a challenge. It is a constant effort to increase our computational power.


With the presence and use of data in various industries and sectors, there is no substitute for data science. Therefore, people with the right skills can have a lot of opportunities.


Specific data science skills and concepts are relatively easy to learn with proper attention and tuition. So Our structure of study makes sure you understand everything.


Data science is in high demand for specialized professionals, and it is growing. Supply, however, is slow. According to IBM, digital science will employ 28% of all jobs.


This is a field that is in great demand. There are plenty of job opportunities. The fastest-growing science on LinkedIn is currently estimated that 11.5 million jobs.


Data science is a rapidly growing career field that offers exciting opportunities for individuals who are interested in working with data, solving complex problems, etc.

Who is a Data Analyst?

A Data Analyst is a professional who collects, processes and performs statistical analyses of data. The primary role of a data analyst is to interpret complex data sets to inform business decision-making.

The role of a data analyst is crucial in helping organizations make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. The specific tasks and responsibilities of a data analyst can vary depending on the industry, organization, and the specific focus of the analysis.

Who Can Join
This Course?

Benefits of Data Analytics Course

Data Analytics Training is a preparation towards the growing demand of Big Data skills and technology. 


Opportunities for wider education.


Abundance of different positions.

Work Convenience:

Provides the option to work from home

Career Demand:

A high paying career & In demand and high price.

Data Analytics Course Curriculum


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