Infinite Graphix Technologies

Our Student Placements

Ms. Mansi Karwa
Ms. Mansi Karwa (Shri Pamdeobaba College Of Engineering And Management, Nagpur) got placed at ECE India Energies Private Limited, as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Ms. Kashmira Khopade
Ms. Kashmira Khopade (Deogiri College, Aurangabad) got placed at The Research Insights, as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Mr. Vaibhav Rathod
Mr. Vaibhav Rathod (Symbiosis Institute Of Operations Management) got placed at Sincro, Pune, as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Ms. Monika Tupkari
Ms. Monika Tupkari got placed at Volar Media House, as a Ul/UX Designer.
Ms. Reema Joshi
Ms. Reema Joshi (Brijlal Biyani Science College) got placed at The Research Insights, as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Ms. Namrata Patil
Ms. Namrata Patil got placed at Network Component Pvt. Ltd, as a Jr. Graphic Designer.
Mr. Shubham Kulkarni
Mr. Shubham Kulkarni (Leelawati College, Pune) got placed at Credible Markets, Pune as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Ms. Poonam Shinde
Ms. Poonam Shinde got placed at Risiar Step In Business Hub Private Limited, as a Graphic Designer.
Ms. Dhanashree Dhumal
Ms. Dhanashree Dhumal (International Institute Of Management & Human Resource Development) got placed at Premium Learning System, as a Digital Marketing Executive.
Mr. Dinesh Pawar
Mr. Dinesh Pawar (Balasaheb Desai College Patan, Satara) got placed at Nine Dots Technologies Private Limited, as a Full Stack Developer.
Ms. Muskaan Ali
Ms. Muskaan Ali (Symbiosis College) got placed at Sopeonow, as a Ul/UX Designer.
Ms. Keerti Moolya
Ms. Keerti Moolya got placed at Wisdom Graphics, as a Graphic Designer.
Mr. Jap Gaikwad
Mr. Jap Gaikwad (Abhinav Education Society's College Of Engineering & Technology) got placed at BrainCells Pvt. Ltd, as a Graphic Designer.
Mr. Sourabh Pawar
Mr. Sourabh Pawar (Dr. Daulatrao Aher College Of Engineering, Karad) got placed at Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd, as a Software Developer.
Mr. Sahil Pawar
Mr. Sahil Pawar (Balasaheb Desai College Patan, Satara) got placed at Cloudstrats Technologies, as a Full Stack Developer.
Ms. Anjali Maraskole
Ms. Anjali Maraskole got placed at TCS, as a Assistant Engineer.
Mr. Sanket Narkhede
Mr. Sanket Narkhede (Sandip Institute Of Technology & Research Center, Nashik) got placed at Infosys, Pune, as a System Engineer.
Mr. Manish Patel
Mr. Manish Patel (D.N. Patel College Of Engineering, Shahada) got placed at TCS, as a Assistant System Engineer.
Ms. Monika Tupkari
Ms. Monika Tupkari (Sinhgad College Of Science, Pune) got placed at V4I Global Retailers Private Limited, as a Graphic & Web Designer.
Ms. Pooja Bhosale
Ms. Pooja Bhosale (MGM Dr. GY Pathrikar College Of Computer Science & Information Technology, Aurangabad) got placed at Wipro, as a Trainee Engineer.
Mr. Tejas Doshi
Mr. Tejas Doshi (Sanjivani College Of Engineering) got placed at Tech Mahindra, Pune, as a Mechanical Design Engineer.
Ms. Esha Walekar
Ms. Esha Walekar (Huzurpaga Mahila Vanijya Mahavidyalaya) got placed at Technovision Energy Pvt. Ltd, as a Graphic Designer.
Mr. Piyush Jarande
Mr. Piyush Jarande (Suryadatta Institute Of Management And Mass Communication (SIMMC), Pune) got placed at Bajaj Finserv Ltd, as a Web Designer.
Ms. Mansi Daware
Ms. Mansi Daware (Dr. D Y Patil, ACS College) got placed at AffinityX, as a Graphic Designer.
Mr. Gaurav Bharam
Mr. Gaurav Bharam (Sinhgad College Of Science) got placed at Inaiways Technology Private Limited, as a UI consultant.
Ms. Nikita Veer
Ms. Nikita Veer (Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce & Science College) got placed at DotandDash Technologies Pvt. Ltd, as a Full Stack Developer.
Mr. Prajwal Mohite
Mr. Prajwal Mohite (Institute Of Management And Rural Development Administration, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Sangli) got placed at Kredpool Solutions Private Limited, Miraj, as a Software Developer.
Ms. Siddhi Dalvi
Ms. Siddhi Dalvi (INIFD Deccan) got placed at AffinityX, as a Junior Associate Graphic Designer.
Ms. Reva Kulkarni
Ms. Reva Kulkarni (Fergusson College) got placed at Easy2IT Techno Solutions LLP, as a Graphic Designer.
Mr. Abhijeet Dhote
Mr. Abhijeet Dhote (Marathwada Mitra Mandal's Institute Of Technology Lohegaon) got placed at Cloudaction Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune, as a Trainee Salesforce Admin And Developer.

Our Students Got Placed In Top Notch Companies Listed Below

Dnyano Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Ceryle Innovative Technologies, Pune
Ask Digital Solutions, Pune
Cybernetics Software Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Aubergenie Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Add Matrix, Pune
Ask Digital Solutions
ACS Academy
Sasways Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Capita India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Addnectar Solutions, Pune
Kheti Gaadi Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Rentomed Pvt. Ltd, Wanwadi, Pune
Webocto, Pune
K-Pra Foods Pvt. Ltd, Pune
TVH India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Swymsoft, Pune
Gatitaa Technology, Pune
Sinfolix Technology, Pune
TechnoEdge Learning Services India Pvt Ltd, Pune
Saber Softech Pvt. Ltd.
Upscale Media Pvt. Ltd.
JVD Mettle Innovation Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Saisundar Enterprises, Pune
Rikain Technology Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Yesh Info Solution, Pune
Fortune Cloud Technologies, Pune
Sahyadree SoftTech Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Vasundharaa Geo Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Idealizeer Content Solutions Private Limited, Pune
TVH India Private Limited, Pune
Portalwiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune
Vasundhara Geo Technology
IGB Infotech
Qube Health
Tekhnologia Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
 Aryan Public School
Tudip Technologies
Aptlogica Technologies Private Limited
 Skayka Private Limited
 PanGrow Tech
Credible Markets
Gatitaa Technology Private Limited
Develop My Franchise
Crackle Design
Shoption Pvt. Ltd. 
Esinagrow Organisation
Billion FinPi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Chittlesoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ventura Learning Technologies
Pakeeza - Lucknowi Chikankari Studio
General Industrial Controls Private Limited 
 Yewale Amruttulya Pvt. Ltd.
B2B Export Import Academy
 Leaders Globe Media
Borgward Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
Idealizeer Content Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
IFAS Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
Xpediolive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Addnectar Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 
Xpediolive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
 Tech Alchemy
Picatype Systems Pvt. Ltd. 
Gilbert Research Center
Parallel Learning
Mushroom World Future Tech
The Research Insights
Dista Technology
Snapcrowd Media Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Rateon Technologies Private Limited
Quickensol IT Solutions LLP
White Warbler Communications Pvt. Ltd. 
Easy2IT Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd.
ECE India Energies Private Limited.
 Volar Media House
Network Component Pvt. Ltd.
Research Insights
 Risiar Step In Business Hub Pvt. Ltd.
Premium Learning System
 Nine Dots Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Wisdom Graphics
BrainCells Pvt. Ltd.
Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
 Cloudstrats Technologies
V4I Global Retailers Private Limited
Technovision Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Bajaj Finserv Ltd.
Inaiways Technology Private Limited.
DotandDash Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Easy2IT Techno Solutions LLP
Radon Media
WS Graphics
SAP Group Of Industries
Shree Electricals And Engineers (India) Private Limited
Tata Consultancy Services
 Senwell Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Doographics Pvt. Ltd.
Global Talent Track
Wit Agency
Agri10x- ICognitive Global Private Limited
Our Property Advisor
AdsKro Digital Marketing Agency
 Yelsons India Pvt. Ltd.
Practical Eduskill Pvt. Ltd.
Step In Business Hub Pvt. Ltd.
DThrill Software Solution LLP
 Brisk Learning Solution
Drsigngraf Solutions
Tech Mahindra
Thermax Ltd.
Cloudaction Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. 
 Codevian Technologies
Walstar Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Digitise IT India Private Limited
 Fortune Business Insights Pvt. Ltd.
 YouGet Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Solicitous Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Affinity X
Pandit Shivkumar Vastu Ideas Pvt. Ltd.
 Dr Sign Graf solution
Arsh Management Partners
HMX Media Pvt. Ltd.
Franchise & Jobs India
24webtech Business Solutions LLP
Digital Task Force
Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd.
Lead Centrix
Agrowon Agrotech Industries Pvt. Ltd. 
Sanswai Technologies 
 TVH INDIA Pvt. Ltd.
 Brisk Learning Solution
Franchise & Jobs
Walstar Technologies Pvt Ltd
Sukhwani Lifespaces
Niche Software Solution Pvt Ltd
Concept Roof Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd
SV Digital India E-Marketing Guru
Swiftnlift Media And Tech
 Persistent Systems
Purple Pyramids LLP 
 Symphony Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Thorat Motor's Moshi 
Niche Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.
 Star Media Brands
Verified Market Research
Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Ayush Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.
Re-engineering Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.